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The EFPIA transparency rules (www.efpia.eu) stipulate that companies should disclose the amount of financial support they have provided for research and development in the Netherlands by means of a single total amount on their own website. This year (2022), the amounts of the previous year (2021) must be disclosed to the public.

For 2021, the total amount is €699.030,00.*

This publication of research and development investments includes payments to Dutch care-related associations of professionals such as hospitals for:

1. Clinical trials phase 1-3, including WMO-compulsory research
2. Independent medical research supported by Chiesi Pharmaceuticals B.V.
3. Research that does not fall under the WMO (not-WMO)

The pharmaceutical companies who are members of the Association Innovative Medicines (VIG) publish their local research and development investments on their website. These are the annual research costs incurred in the Netherlands. This R&D data is also published in other European countries.

On average, pharmaceutical companies allocate around 15% of total revenue to research and development. The Chiesi group invested € 381 million in research and development in 2018, a record of 21.6% of the group's total revenue.

* Subject to Chiesi Pharmaceuticals B.V. in the Netherlands