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Our people

People make the difference. At Chiesi we pay much attention to personal qualities, diversity and cooperation. Below you will read what people in our Dutch affiliate say about their jobs.
business unit director special care

Chiesi is an innovation driven company. Chiesi dares investing in finding solutions for the treatment of rare diseases. Every day it excites me to contribute to relieving fragile diseases such as cystic fibrosis and, for example, to develop a catheter to facilitate the administration of newborn medication. We also work on services that enables home treatment. Such initiatives only can be created in an environment where creativity and entrepreneurship are seen as key success factors.


Since 2016 I am a rayon manager at Chiesi: I discuss with GPs and hospitals how our products can contribute to patient care. Every day is different: on nice days it sometimes feels like a holiday to drive through my area, which runs from Rotterdam to Cadzand. Especially when I'm on a bike, which is often the most efficient in Rotterdam. In a family business like Chiesi, the lines are short, the atmosphere is very good and it is possible to develop quickly.


In the years that I work as rayon manager Limburg at Chiesi, a lot has happened. The market has changed, Chiesi has grown, the number of employees doubled, our office moved from Rijswijk to Schiphol and our product portfolio increased. However, the charm of this Italian company has never changed. At Chiesi you will feel at ease very soon. People easily speak out. Problems are recognized and in most cases action is taken quickly. How cool is that?!

medical manager primary care

The medical department of Chiesi deals with all possible substantive questions about our medicines. As a medical manager, I answer a lot of questions from doctors and patients. For a safe and responsible drug use it is also important to carry out scientific studies. Chiesi is not listed, but is led by a family who is particularly interested in science. Thus, a large part of our turnover is reinvested in innovation, even if it does not flow in the short term. It is special to work for such a pharmaceutical company.

multi channel specialist

Within Chiesi I am responsable for implementing technical innovations in marketing. We are continiously growing better at communicating with our target groups in a personal way and in which we meet their expectations. We adopt new methods and technologies relatively fast. Though we are a worldwide vast growing company, we manage to stay flexibel. To me that's one of the main reasons why I consider my job as 'very satisfying'.